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I feel I should state at this point that this isn’t a feel good sci-fi film. There’s not really an explicit happy ending But I do like the main plot line. Without having to go too deep into analysing it, I can say that it definitely grasps the truth of how a situation similar to this would play out in real life.

It captures the rather ruthless nature of the military, as they explore new technologies. When atomic bombs were being developed, think at how many pacific atolls were destroyed in tests. Think about the radiation, and more of the consequences of those bombs. Yet the military insisted on developing it further. Similarly, it shows in what I consider to be realistic terms, how the military research wouldn’t stop if it thought it even had a chance at creating an artificially intelligent weapon.

It does a good job portraying the science. It actually mentions the turing test, and how the scientific protocols might go as far as developing an AI machine, rather than just giving arbitrary reasons and situations with no explanation.

I like the way the machine’s thought process and feelings are shown to change through the movie. It starts off almost child-like and it does expand to show reaction to manipulation and mixed messages being sent to it.

The soundtrack is very driving in this movie, and it brings with it the kind of feel that you might have seen in an 80s tv show or movie about this kind of topic, but it in no way sounds tacky.

The graphic stylings in this movie do a good job at not going too over the top (most of the time). The lab surroundings, and the flat panel displays don’t look out of place at all, unlike in some films where they have been almost exaggerated ridiculously, like with massive waving hand gestures to interact with them. And other than that, it does look similar to current day labs, which adds to the realism.

Unfortunately, an exception to this subtlety might be the “glow” that seems to accompany the machine. I don’t quite like the way that looks, as there would be no reason for it to glow like that. Also, I feel the need to stress the importance of proper use of Lens Flare. Sci Fi themes plus Lens Flare does not automatically a good film make. Get some sunglasses to watch this film.

At the end of all this, I will say it’s the best film I’ve seen in a while about artificial intelligence. It was a quite brutally violent at times, but that adds to the experience in my opinion. It’s definitely worth a watch if you like more down-to-earth sci-fi.

Switch Windows Hot Corner - Rainmeter by LonMcGregor

Easily bring up the window switcher (like alt+tab) by moving your cursor to a corner of your screen.

Windows 7+
Rainmeter 3.1+

1. Download the .rmskin file
2. Open the file
3. By default, the button will be placed at the top-left of your screen

1. Open the rainmeter config menu
2. Select this skin
3. Use the co-ordinates fields to change the location of the hot pixel

Move your cursor over the hot pixel

Made possible by the big list of Shell Locations, by winaero.com

This rainmeter setup works by setting up an invisible button associated with an action on hover.

Setup for a script “Start.vbs” to place in your rainmeter plugins directory:

(usually C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Plugins\)

Set s = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.shell”)
s.SendKeys “^{ESC}”

Then, you need to make a folder in your meters called start button

(try My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\)

In here, place a 1px by 1px png image called “a.png”, along with the following startbutton.ini


MouseOverAction=!execute [“C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Plugins\Start.vbs”]

Then, simply load up the meter, and you can quickly activate the start menu by moving your cursor to the top-left of the screen. No need to click. This gesture should speed things up for you, if you can get used to it.

Why is this control panel not standard on all sites with cookies?

//Make “Sponsored Posts” Less obtrusive
  .sponsored_post .post_wrapper  .post_content{
    display: none;
  .sponsored_post:hover .post_wrapper  .post_content{
    display: block;
  .sponsored_post, .sponsored_post .post_content {
    background-color: #ddf;
  .sponsored_post .post_avatar:after {
    border-right-color: #ddf;

//Make “Recommended Posts” Less Obtrusive
  .is_recommended .post_wrapper  .post_content{
    display: none;
  .is_recommended:hover .post_wrapper .post_content{
    display: block;
  .is_recommended, .is_recommended .post_content {
    background-color: #dff;
  .is_recommended .post_avatar:after {
    border-right-color: #dff;

//Remove gradient in tags list
  .post_full .post_tags:after {
    background: none;

To use, just copy and paste that text into your CSS modding method extension of choice.

That’s not how graphs work, BOINC & PrimeGrid. Nice try though.

Also, I can apparently contact the future.

Carnethy Hill - GPS

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Image 2 Large

Image 3 - That doesn’t read quite right, does it?